Benjamin Cole Recounts Some Inconvenient History

The peripatetic Benjamin Cole, a frequent and valued commenter on  this and many other blogs, wrote a guest post the other day on Marcus Nunes’s blog, putting the current “sound money” rhetoric emanating from the self-appointed heirs to Ronald Reagan’s political legacy in proper historical perspective.  An important public service and a must read.  Kudos to Benjamin and to Marcus.


2 Responses to “Benjamin Cole Recounts Some Inconvenient History”

  1. 1 Benjamin Cole April 30, 2012 at 11:23 am

    I am red-faced in embarrassment at this recognition from David Glasner, whose contributions to the fields of public policy and monetary policy are large and dwarf mine.
    I am happy to be a camp follower to the real titans of Market Monetarism, and hopefully, from time to time, make contributions in the areas where I can be of use—in history, PR, and political strategy.


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